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LATE 2004 —

INTRO: Play it Forward in 2005!New quote intro
Updated 60-second intro Ray Johnson I
Seeing Red and Feeling Blue (without 1,000 links)
Ray Johnson IIRay Johnson III
Ray Johnson PD worker ID chart (very handy)
The Challenge of Diversity A Theory of Relativity for
When More is MoreThe Yoke of Slavery
“Doubt” review updated for 2005Happy Holidays!

ESSAYS 2005 —

JANUARY: Faber: The Psychology of Religious Belief
Are You A Kitten or A Monkey?The Psychology
of Religious Belief II
Faber so FarFaber:
Art and Religion
Another Faber Summation
Atheist Parenting

FEBRUARY: The Doubt Page The End of Faith Archive Page Under ConsructionRorty and ReligionMom Says God Has A PenisEscaping the Adult WorldThe Future
of Religion: A Reaction
Baby 81The Lost Review

MARCH MADNESS: Atheism and the End of Faith Page
E-mail exchange“Natural Atheism” reviewWittgenstein PageCAPUTO!

APRIL: Quote page to go with rail on main portalConnie wins Pulitzer!“Gilead” and work discussion
CSH WORLD CONGRESS IN OCTOBERThe Next Ancient WorldLots of NIGHTSIDER posts this month!

MAY: Two new Web sites this month in honor of a new camera: The traditional photography blog, Visions of Order, and a second photography blog, lomogblog.

Nightsiders also continues to get a lot of attention from me. Another lens and the recent Adobe Photoshop upgrade are coming this week, so there's more photo fun in store for me.

As far as reading goes, I am going back through Faber's amazing book on the psychology of religious belief. And I am also reading Rorty's new book for the third time.

JUNE: Still taking lots of photos for Visions of Order, and my other photography site, lomogblog. And I am still reading back through Faber's amazing book on the psychology of religious belief and Rorty's new book for the third time. Sometimes 10 minutes of reading provides enough inspiration for an entire day. Also listening to "The Birth of the Modern Mind: The Intellectual History of the 17th and 18th Centuries," by Alan Charles Kors,* a series of lectures from The Teaching Company. Wonderful!

See my TAGS area in Flickr. Main areas are PHOTO, LOMO, SLIDESHOW and NS, which stands for "Nightsiders." I am planning to do a photo-links page in the near future.

*Kors notes Voltaire's prayer: "I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord, make enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it!"

JULY: Still taking lots of pictures and reading the same books, with the addition of "The Promise of Pragmatism: Modernism and The Crisis of Knowledge and Authority," by John Diggens. This is the second read-through on Diggins. A wonderful book!

See new Web page on my various photos sites and blogs.

AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER: Still taking lots of photos, but I have stopped updating the various photo blogs because it makes no sense to move images off Flickr, which is a great place to show photos and get feedback. See my Flickr photostream.

Reading Jonathan Lear's wonderful "Freud" and just posted an Amazon review.

OCTOBER: Answer to Joe. Don't miss Flickr!

NOVEMBER: "Birth," Belief and Past Lives: Nicole!
Belief is Found Over All The Tree Passage

DECEMBER: Evergreens and Evil ForcesMore on the Bible passage supposedly about Christmas trees Supernatural Belief


Praying for the Demise of ReligionA Concept of ObjectivityThe Strange Case of Arnold Toynbee

Back to basics: Trying to make my project clear to someone who asked me about it (with updates) • Freud and Freedom: The LegacyNostra Aetate article reposted from older portion of the site

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“Great doubt: great awakening. Little doubt: little
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